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Parallels between Minneapolis and Jerusalem are more than skin deep

The US and Israel don’t just share brutal and racist policing methods. In a world of depleting resources and a contracting global economy, they are devising strategies to prevent resistance from a growing underclass.

The US and Israel hope to scare the Hague war crimes court off from helping Palestine

Washington and Israel are trying to intimidate the Hague ‘war crimes’ court so it drops its plans for investigations. But it is critically important to probe the US as the most powerful offender, and Israel as the most persistent.

The slow exodus of Palestinian Christians

Israel has exploited the steady decline in the numbers of Palestinian Christians to advance its claim that they are being hounded from the region by Muslim extremists. But the real blame lies with Israel and the foreign Churches

With Corbyn gone, the Israel lobby is targeting Palestinians directly

An attack on a prominent British-Palestinian doctor and academic, Ghada Karmi, by a self-styled “antisemitism watchdog” looks suspiciously like a new trend in anti-Palestinian bigotry and bullying dressed up as victimhood.

Why is Mike Pompeo risking a one-day trip to Israel amid the pandemic?

Mike Pompeo will use his visit to sound out Benny Gantz more closely now he is inside the government and, if needs be, gently lean on him – on Netanyahu’s behalf – to ensure he doesn’t publicly waver on annexation from within the coalition.

Netanyahu’s coalition deal paves the way to annexation

In what many critics claim amounts to a power grab, Netanyahu began pushing through changes last week to Israel’s basic laws, the equivalent of a constitution. The move was described as “terrifying” by Elyakim Rubinstein, a conservative former supreme court judge.

Palestinians hunker down for Ramadan, facing a virus that doesn’t discriminate but an occupier that does

Palestinian workers’ dependence on Israel is now placing them in harm’s way. Although many are likely to catch the coronavirus in Israel while working, Israel is refusing to take responsibility for their welfare.

How top Labour officials plotted to bring down Jeremy Corbyn

Labour leader Keir Starmer is desperate to put the antisemitism episode behind him and the party. Recent history is his warning. He knows that any effort to defend Corbyn’s record will simply revive the campaign of smears. And this time, he will be the target.

If coronavirus overwhelms Gaza, Israel alone will be to blame

What is already a health crisis in Gaza barely needs a nudge from the coronavirus to be tipped into a health disaster. And make no mistake: the blame will land squarely at Israel’s door.

‘Foolish and naive’: How the Joint List got it all wrong for ever believing Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz, supposedly the great defender of ‘democratic values’, has revealed the deeper priorities of Israeli politics. He has chosen Netanyahu, ‘the king of corruption’, over the fifth of Israel’s citizens who are Palestinian.

As Israel’s Netanyahu uses coronavirus to consolidate power, his chief rival caves in

Renowned for his ability to pull off political miracles, Benjamin Netanyahu gradually wore down rival Benny Gantz’s resistance to joining a unity government over the past 12 months. The coronavirus epidemic proved the final straw.

The coronavirus could force rival Benny Gantz to shake Netanyahu’s hand

What does Benny Gantz fear most: Netanyahu exploiting the coronavirus crisis to evade justice and stay in power, or damaging his own public image by seeking temporary assistance from the Palestinian parties of the Joint List?

Netanyahu may yet prove himself the Houdini of Israeli politics

Benjamin Netanyahu’s election win means he may yet pull off his great escape, with a criminal trial less than two weeks away. He has worn down voters by refusing to go, while his rival Benny Gantz’s racist refusal to sit with Palestinian parties means he has no visible path to power.

Israeli election race increasingly desperate as voters go to polls

Much of Israel’s electorate – at least the Jewish majority – agrees on political fundamentals. They believe it is time to permanently seize much of the territory that was one day meant to form the basis of a Palestinian state. They disagree less on what needs to be done than on who should do it.

Labour’s next leader has already betrayed the left

The next leader of the Labour Party has already made themself a prisoner to the “institutional antisemitism” narrative. That means their hands are chained not only to support for Israel, but to the reactionary politics in which Israel as a Jewish state makes sense – a worldview that embraces its style of ethnic, chauvinist, militaristic, segregationist politics.

Profiting from loss: how business in illegal Israeli settlements continues unchecked

The UN’s timing in publishing its list of 112 companies operating in the settlements could not be more tragic. It looks like the last gasp of those who – through their negligence over nearly three decades – have enabled the two-state solution to wither to nothing.

Israel’s ‘peace camp’ flirts with oblivion

For Israel’s so-called peace camp, the past 12 months of general elections – a third ballot is due on 2 March – have felt more like a prolonged game of Russian roulette, with ever-diminishing odds of survival.

Israel’s Palestinian minority has good reason to fear Trump’s plan

Under the terms of Trump’s “peace” plan, the US could allow Israel to strip potentially hundreds of thousands of its own inhabitants – members of a large Palestinian minority – of their citizenship in a so-called “populated land swap” with the settlements.

The Trump plan is just a cover for Israel’s final land grab

Trump’s “Vision for Peace” is needed only because Oslo has outlived its usefulness. It radically overhauls the Oslo formula: instead of a supposed sharing of obligations – “land in return for peace” – those obligations are now imposed exclusively on the Palestinian side.

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ won’t bring peace – that was the plan

The White House has discarded the traditional US pose as an “honest broker” between Israel and the Palestinians. This was a deal designed in Tel Aviv more than in Washington – and its point was to ensure there would be no Palestinian partner.