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The persecution of Julian Assange

A new book exposes the mechanics of a 12-year legal charade by Sweden, the UK and US to obscure the political nature of Julian Assange’s incarceration. All three have ridden roughshod over the rule of law, argues UN torture expert Nils Melzer

Israel’s fortress state is the model for the UK’s new asylum policy

When Israel began deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda eight years ago, it did so in secret. Johnson’s government has copied that scheme but done so brazenly – to show that post-Brexit Britain is the most hostile corner of Europe to refugees.

Why Zelensky’s dream of Ukraine becoming ‘big Israel’ makes Moscow nervous

Zelensky’s dream of Ukraine as a ‘big Israel’ unnerves Moscow. It bolsters Putin’s fears that Kyiv is intent on a programme of violent ‘de-Russification’.

Israel is stoking a civil war against its Palestinian citizens

Israel is keen to blame Islamic State for a fresh spate of attacks by Palestinians. But Palestinians don’t need indoctrination from a foreign group. They have plenty of homegrown reasons to strike out against the apartheid state ruling over them

Joe Biden has confirmed to Russia that the US really wants regime change

In his reckless call for regime change in Moscow, Biden gave Putin cause – after US actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria – to argue that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was indeed pre-emptive and therefore justified.

If Putin is a war criminal, then Madeleine Albright was no less of one

If Putin is a war criminal, then Albright was no less of one. The only difference is that in Putin’s case the media are determined to show us his hands drenched in blood. In Albright’s case, they have washed the blood completely from view.

Social media giants allow hate speech against Russia but silence Israel’s critics

If Meta’s new hate speech policy against Russians is to be applied impartially, why should Palestinians not be allowed to promote violence against Israel and against Israeli soldiers that have been occupying and besieging them for decades?

Russia-Ukraine: Western media are acting as cheerleaders for war

Journalists are cheering on the arming of militias and civilians making improvised explosives – acts they usually treat as terrorism.

Russia-Ukraine: A different invasion, the West’s same ‘madman’ script

If Putin is a madman, like Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and Afghanistan’s Taliban leaders before him, then the only solution is the use of force to the bitter end. 

Why is there uproar at the smearing of Starmer but not Corbyn?

However serious the accusation of failing to prosecute a paedophile, Sir Keir Starmer might still prefer it over being labelled a traitor, a champion of terrorists and an antisemite, as Corbyn consistently was.

Amnesty apartheid report: The walls protecting Israel are finally crumbling

Amnesty and the wider human rights community are still holding back on clarifying the full implications of Israel’s apartheid character – because they fear being accused of antisemitism.

Pegasus spyware row is really about who controls cyber weapons

Washington’s ban on Pegasus spyware isn’t really about safeguarding human rights. It’s about curbing Israel’s dominance of ‘cyber weapons diplomacy’.

No 10 lockdown parties: Why the media are complicit

The media’s watchdog role is an illusion. The current scandal over Boris Johnson’s lockdown parties reveals just how dependent journalists are on government.

Why Washington’s focus on ‘credibility’ is a recipe for war

The world is entering what looks like a new, even more complex cold war, in which any misunderstanding, mishap or false move could rapidly escalate into nuclear confrontation.

Britain helped create the refugees it now wants to keep out

Europe is preparing to make its borders impregnable to the victims of its colonial interference, its wars and the climate crisis that its consumption-driven economies have generated.

The hounding of Julian Assange leaves honest journalism with no refuge

It is the ultimate, ugly paradox that Julian Assange’s legal and physical fate rests in the hands of two states – the US and UK – that have the most to lose by allowing him to regain his freedom and publish more of the truths they want concealed.

Assange ruling a dangerous precedent for journalists and British justice

The High Court’s ruling paves Assange’s way to a US trial following ‘assurances’ he will not be mistreated. But the US has been persecuting Assange for a decade after he exposed its war crimes.

How Starmer’s Labour reversed 40 years of progress on Israel and Palestine

Today’s conversation about Israel sounds like a throwback to the 1980s. Israel’s apartheid character and its vigorous lobby are off the table. But worse, both parties are once again reluctant even to criticise the occupation.

Kyle Rittenhouse is not the enemy. He’s the latest product of the outrage industry

Kyle Rittenhouse is not the enemy. He’s the latest phantasm conjured up by the corporate media’s outrage industry to feed its bottom line and feed our egos.

‘Honest mistakes’: How the US and Israel justify the targeting and killing of civilians

There’s no ‘honest mistake’ defence for the US and Israel when the same mistakes keep happening. ‘Honest mistakes’ can’t be a pattern of behaviour – the killing of innocents, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or Palestine.