Jonathan Cook: the View from Nazareth -

Amazon and Google: partners in Israeli apartheid

Amazon and Google aren’t just doing business with Israel. Through Project Nimbus, they are actively helping to build and improve the technological infrastructure Israel needs to oppress Palestinians.

After success against Corbyn, Israel lobby ousts UK scholar

A British university dismissed Prof David Miller after he exposed networks of influence promoting Islamophobia in the UK that included the very pro-Israel lobby groups that had worked so strenuously to get him fired.

Iron Dome: Don’t be deceived – US aid to Israel is not about saving lives

Far from saving lives, as Congressional leaders claim, Iron Dome is another weapon in Israel’s arsenal to keep Palestinians subdued, imprisoned and quiet – and in a wider military strategy to enforce US global domination.

Labour’s Palestine motion means Keir Starmer’s war on the left is not over

Keir Starmer’s goal was to perform the last rites for Corbyn and the party’s left at the Labour conference. Instead, members roundly slapped him in the face with a motion declaring Israel an apartheid state and demanding sanctions.

Despite its exit, the US will continue to wage war on Afghanistan

Ever the bad loser, Washington will be tempted to crush the Taliban with sanctions and covert operations, unleashing more chaos.

Israel has every reason to fear this bold Palestinian prison break

The Palestinian escapees broke out of their cell into the far larger prison that is their homeland under occupation. Every minute they can’t be found, Israel’s system of control is defied. Both Israel and Palestinians understand what is at stake.

How the Taliban surge exposed Pentagon’s lies

Kabul’s rapid fall proves the US had no allies in Afghanistan outside of a tiny elite keen to enrich itself, protected by US firepower and given an alibi by western liberals who assumed their own simplistic identity politics was ripe for export.

Israel: Racist, violent policing is at the heart of apartheid

The truth is that both kinds of policing towards Palestinian citizens – the violent policing of dissent, and the lack of policing of crime – are rooted in the same, ugly ideology of Jewish supremacism.

Israel’s night raids on Palestinian families aren’t over, whatever the courts say

Masked Israeli soldiers will continue to terrorise Palestinian children in the middle of the night, despite the latest court ruling, but new military jargon will be found to disguise the true purpose of these home invasions

Thomas Friedman’s last gasp

Thomas Friedman’s New York Times column, desperately trying to breathe life into the long-cold cadaver of the two-state solution, exposes the unthinking colonial racism that still dominates our liberal media.

Tech giants help Israel muzzle Palestinians

Netanyahu tried to shut down TikTok during last month’s attack on Gaza. Now Israel’s courts have given the government a ‘blank check’ to muzzle online dissent, human rights groups have warned.

Israel’s new government will deepen rifts, not heal them

Ignore all the talk of a historic, post-Netanyahu era in which settlers and ‘Arabs’ work together in government. The new coalition will quickly turn sour – and Israel’s large Palestinian minority will, as always, pay a heavy price.

‘Feeble coexistence’: Palestinians in Israel are crying out for equality

The inciting cause of Palestinian anger won’t go away. Resentment will build till it finds release again, in protests or rockets. What the west mystifies as ‘the cycle of violence’ is really the cycle of Israeli aggression and western complicity.

Coexistence in Israel’s ‘mixed cities’ was always an illusion

Coexistence in the “mixed cities” was always an illusion, one the protests finally smashed. Coexistence worked for one ethnic group only, Jews. It was built on the continuing Judaization of these historic Palestinian communities to erase their Palestinian heritage and drive out their Palestinian populations. 

Palestinians in Israel now face far-right mob violence backed by the state

The Israeli police and the far-right are teaching a new generation of Palestinian citizens a lesson in Jewish-state civics: you will pay a deeply painful price for demanding the rights we pretend to the world you already have.

Jerusalem protests: The mob ‘breaking faces’ learned from Israel’s establishment

A quarter of Israeli Jews recognise their rule over Palestinians as ‘apartheid’. The question raised in recent days, as Jewish mobs have rampaged through the streets of Jerusalem, is whether they think that is a bad thing.

How the IHRA antisemitism definition became a pro-Israel cudgel

At the height of the attacks on Corbyn, IHRA officials joined UK Jewish groups in falsely claiming its antisemitism definition included examples that protected Israel, when delegates had specifically excluded the examples

Labour antisemitism allegations: How Corbyn and Starmer are judged by different standards

Now we know that Corbyn’s antisemitism code is being used by Starmer, where is the outrage from Jewish groups? Does Starmer’s adoption of the code not prove there is still a sickness at the heart of Labour? Is a Starmer government not also an existential threat to Jews?

Labour disclosure ‘shows antisemitism was weaponised against Corbyn’, activists say

Disclosure by Starmer officials under pressure from courts provides proof that antisemitism was weaponised against Jeremy Corbyn, say Labour party members under investigation.

Starmer isn’t ‘too cautious’ – he is ruthlessly tearing Labour apart

Starmer is recrafting Labour not as a real opposition to the Conservative’s increasingly extreme, crony capitalism, but as a responsible, more moderate alternative to it. He is offering voters a Labour party that feels more like the Tory party of old, which prioritised tradition, patriotism and family values.