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The Druze have to face that in Israel, some are far more equal than others

Israeli citizens are not supposed to be loyal to a democratic principle, or universal human rights, or even the welfare of their compatriots. In Israel, “loyal” citizens are required to bow down before the Jewishness of the state and uphold the values of Jewish supremacism, even if it means their own permanent abasement.

Uri Avnery, Israeli activist for a Palestinian state, dead at 94

Uri Avnery, a self-confessed former “Jewish terrorist” who went on to become Israel’s best-known peace activist, died in Tel Aviv on Monday, following a stroke. He was 94. As one of Israel’s founding generation, Avnery was able to gain the ear of prime ministers, even while he spent decades editing an anti-establishment magazine that was a thorn in their side.

In detaining Peter Beinart, Israel has declared it no longer represents millions of Jews overseas

Beinart’s views echo those of many liberal American Jews no longer willing to turn a blind eye to Israel’s sytematic abuses of Palestinians. In detaining him at the airport, Israel effectively declared that it no longer represents millions of Jews overseas.

Israel’s ‘loyal’ Druze move into open revolt

Druze army general leads protests to overturn nation-state law that makes explicit the privileged status of Jewish majority Middle East Eye – 15 August 2018 Israel’s small Druze community, long seen as “loyal” to the state, is on a collision course with the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu over a new law guaranteeing superior citizenship Read more

How Israel helped to revive Europe’s ugly ethnic nationalisms

For leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Israel has led the way. It has shown that ethnic politics is not discredited after all, that it can work. For Europe and America’s new ethnic nationalists, Israel has proven that some peoples are destined for greatness, if they are allowed to triumph over those who stand in their way.

Israel is bulldozing Khan Al Ahmar – and with it the two-state solution

Israel is hurrying though the destruction of the Palestinian village of Khan Al Ahmar because it would clear the path to building a substantial bloc of new settler homes to sever the West Bank in two. Those same settlements would also seal off West Bank Palestinians from East Jerusalem, making a mockery of any peace agreement.

Sisi holds key to Trump’s Sinai plan for Palestinians

Reports have been rife in the Israeli and Arab media of moves to pressure Egypt into turning over a swath of territory in northern Sinai, next to Gaza, for infrastructure projects designed to alleviate the enclave’s “humanitarian crisis”. Under cover of Trump’s peace plan, Israel stands on the brink of achieving its ambition of destroying any hope of a Palestinian state.

Young protesters are defying Israel’s blockade with scraps of paper and plastic

The humble kite has awakened Israel and the outside world to the cost of leaving two million human beings to rot. It has been transformed into a flaming emissary, bringing a new kind of reckoning to Israel when it lands on the other side of the fence encaging Gaza.

What’s in Trump’s ‘deal of the century’? The answers are in plain sight

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ peace plan may be only days away from being unveiled, according to reports. But while US officials have given away nothing publicly, the plan’s contours are already evident, say analysts. They note that Israel has already started implementing the deal – entrenching “apartheid” rule over Palestinians – while Washington has spent the past six months dragging its heels on publishing the document.

Rebuffed parliamentary bills foil efforts to end Israeli apartheid

Just as Israel’s belligerent rule in the occupied territories is under ever greater scrutiny, so too is its claim to be a democracy conferring equal rights on all citizens. After decades of repression, Israel’s Palestinian minority has gradually grown more confident in highlighting the country’s severe political deficiencies.

Under Trump, the Israel lobby is a Hydra with many heads

Under Trump, the Israel lobby has come to exercise unrivalled power, because it is now far more than just one lobby. It is a five-headed Hydra worthy of Greek mythology, and only one of its heads relates directly to Israel or organised American Jewry.

The flames that killed Fathi Harb should make us all burn with guilt and shame

Fathi Harb’s was believed to be the first example of a public act of self-immolation in Gaza. He doused himself in petrol and set himself alight on a street in Gaza City shortly before dawn prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. It was his act of protest, in a world that has denied Palestinians any right to resist their imprisonment and colonisation.

West’s failure to act will be cause of the next Gaza massacre

For seven decades, the West has pampered Israel at every turn. The lack of any meaningful punishment for violating Palestinian rights led directly to Monday’s massacre. And the failure to inflict a price on Israel for this massacre – in fact, the reverse: visible rewards with a relocated US embassy and the chance to host the Eurovision Song Contest – will lead to the next massacre.

Western leaders betrayed Palestinians 70 years ago. There is no sign that’s about to change

Now that young Palestinians in Gaza take up mass civil disobedience, their plight is barely attracting attention, let alone sympathy. Instead, they are criticised for “breaching the border” and threatening Israel’s security. The only legitimate struggle for Palestinians, it seems, is keeping quiet, allowing their lands to be plundered and their children to be starved.

Hamas and Fatah: Why the two groups are failing

The Palestinian national movement, which has led the decades-long struggle against Israel’s takeover of the Palestinians’ homeland, has reached the lowest ebb in its history, according to analysts. But as Palestinians mark this week the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, there are signs of possible change.

At 70, Israel more than ever deserves a cultural and academic boycott

Israel’s deportation of a law professor and conviction of a Palestinian poet underscore wrong-headed objections to an academic and cultural boycott. The space in Israel for academic dialogue, as well as cultural freedom, is shrinking rapidly. And the few Israeli academics or artists who are taking a stand on behalf of Palestinians are more isolated than ever before.

The anti-Semitism offensive orchestrated against Jeremy Corbyn

For months, a campaign has been aimed at destabilising British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of anti-Semitism. The right-wing of his party, Tony Blair’s heirs, and pro-Israel circles are targeting both Corbyn’s left-wing line and his support for the Palestinian people.

The battle for Syria’s skies will move from proxy clashes to direct ones

According to United Nations figures, Israel violated Syrian airspace more than 750 times in a four-month period, with its warplanes and drones spending some 3,200 hours over the country. It has run hundreds of offensive missions. But with Russia threatening to arm Syria with advanced anti-aircraft missiles, the stakes – and dangers – are set to rise dramatically.

‘A place I do not recognise’: Palestinians mark 70 years of Israeli injustice

In 2011, in a sign of the mounting mood of intolerance, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu passed the Nakba Law to penalise public institutions, including schools, universities and libraries, that marked the Nakba. But in practice the law has backfired, with greater attention on the Nakba than ever before. The March of Return – to one of the more than 500 Palestinian villages destroyed by Israel during the Nakba – is now the largest annual event for Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

As Israel marks 70 years, what have been the true costs?

Independence Day celebrations should be a moment for Israelis – and the many Jews who identify with Israel – to reflect on what kind of state it has become after seven decades. The vast majority, however, are too busy flying blue-and-white flags from their cars, venerating their army as the “most moral in the world” and poring over the latest official statistics in the hope that more Israeli Jews than Palestinians were born over the past year.