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Rachel Riley libel ruling is the latest judicial attack on political speech

In the Julian Assange and Craig Murray cases – and now Rachel Riley’s defamation win – the British judiciary is accumulating more weapons to crush political speech that challenges establishment narratives.

Covid’s lesson: When anxious, isolated and hopeless, we’re less ready to think critically

The corporate media is not our friend. Its coverage of the pandemic is not there to promote the public good. It is there to feed our anxieties, keep us coming back for more, and monetize that distress.

How A Boy Called Christmas converted me to the politics of greed and exploitation

A Boy Called Christmas left me even more certain I should never have colluded in the deception called Father Christmas. But it also emphasised how difficult it is to avoid capitalism’s sophisticated propaganda machine.

The left’s contempt for bodily autonomy during the pandemic is a gift to the right

The left’s arrogance and censoriousness during the pandemic sends a message that its talk of solidarity is hollow, and that it is the right, not the left, that is willing to fight to protect the most intimate freedoms we enjoy – over our bodies and minds.

The tribal left’s a mirror image of the tribal right

In a time of tribalism, the left’s duty is to speak out loudly for solidarity. We need to remember that we are no less exposed to propaganda than the other tribe.

Elites buy us off with trivial protections – while they raid the common wealth

Through his clownish incompetence, Boris Johnson is threatening to expose the system’s corruption by making it even more corrupt – so corrupt, in fact, that its corruption can no longer be concealed from the public.

Is isolation of the unvaccinated really the left’s answer to the pandemic?

Calling for the unvaccinated to be isolated makes for an easy and emotionally satisfying soundbite. If Tucker Carlson or Trump said it, we’d understand it as unhelpful, divisive rhetoric. It doesn’t stop being that just because Chomsky’s the one saying it.

After Corbyn, Israel lobby turns its guns on UK academia

After Bristol University’s sacking of David Miller, the Israel lobby – led by the Jewish Chronicle – is turning its guns on a far wider circle of academics, reviving the playbook used to undermine former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Haugen isn’t really a ‘Facebook whistleblower’ – and it’s dangerous to imagine she is

Frances Haugen is not really a Facebook ‘whistleblower’. Because whistleblowers pay a heavy price for standing up for truth, for humanity, for life. She is simply shoring up one elite path of several to more corruption, more deceit, more suffering, more death.

CIA plan to poison Assange wasn’t needed. The US found a ‘lawful’ way to disappear him

The reality of Julian Assange’s years of persecution is far worse than even the picture painted by a new investigation of a thuggish, power-mad CIA bent on vengeance for his role in exposing its crimes.

Why is there no debate about ‘leaky’ vaccines?

There have been concerns in the medical world about ‘leaky’ vaccines, like the Covid ones, for years. So why are experts who are coming forward to raise concerns either being silenced or suffering character assassination by the media?

In the name of humanitarianism, our response to Covid is crushing solidarity

Faced with the pandemic, we increasingly turn on each other, we prioritise ourselves over the foreigner, we set parent against child, we pit the vaccinated against the unvaccinated – all in the name of a bogus humanitarianism and solidarity.

AOC’s ‘tax the rich’ gown isn’t a threat. It is designer protest meant to dull class struggle

A few years hence, the woman whose gown said “Tax the rich” will be all the more credible, and useful to the elite, when she subtly changes tune and demands it is time to “Stop the attacks on the rich”.

On child vaccines, the experts are suddenly reluctant to follow ‘the science’

In the rancour over child vaccinations, we have been given a fleeting peek behind the curtain of official medical debate to see the uncertainty that has been actively concealed from us. “The science” is not quite as solid as it seems.

Jewish Chronicle’s libel payouts were a small price to pay for smearing Corbyn and the left

The press regulator cannot take meaningful action against the Jewish Chronicle because to do so would pull the rug from under the antisemitism narrative that destroyed Corbyn and is now being used by Starmer to purge Labour of the remnants of the left.

Where best to ride out the climate apocalypse? The billionaires’ bunker fantasies go mainstream

If the super rich are pondering where to build their bunkers or which bits of space to colonise to escape the coming climate collapse, we are being conditioned in a similarly deranged, if cut-price, way. New studies are assessing the countries best placed to ride out the catastrophe.

Craig Murray’s jailing is the latest move in a battle to snuff out independent journalism

The supreme court’s refusal to hear Craig Murray’s appeal against his unprecedented conviction for ‘jigsaw identification’ means the British state is now effectively credentialising journalists. Only corporate journalists will be safe from state retribution.

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