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Trump may be on trial, but the system that produced him will be acquitted

Trump is not the enemy. That target is far too small and limited. The class he belongs to is our enemy, as is the system of privilege he has spent the past four years upholding.

Twitter’s ban on Trump will only deepen the US tribal divide

The solution is not to crack down on political speech, even extreme and irresponsible speech, if it does not break the law. Trump is not the cause of US political woes, he is one obnoxious symptom.

How the left is being manipulated into colluding in its own character assassination

The left not only faces character assassination from the establishment, as was always the case, but nowadays is manipulated into colluding in its own character assassination.

The US and UK may not will Assange’s death, but everything they are doing makes it more likely

Even if Assange’s death is not the goal of the US and UK, they have recklessly ensured that possibility grows ever more likely, and will continue to do so until they swiftly bring his incarceration and torture to an end.

Assange wins. The cost: Press freedom is crushed, and dissent labelled mental illness

The last decade has been about discrediting, disgracing and demonising Assange. This ruling should very much be seen as a continuation of that process.

Antisemitism claims mask a reign of political and cultural terror across Europe

The perverse secular priorities of European culture now place the sanctity of a militarised state, Israel, above the sanctity of a religion with a billion followers.

Establishment journalists are piling on to smear Robert Fisk now he cannot answer back

Now Robert Fisk cannot answer back, his corporate colleagues are feasting on his corpse like the vultures they are – until there is nothing left to remind them that they sold out while he told uncomfortable truths to the very end.

The planet cannot begin to heal until we rip the mask off the West’s war machine

After four years of Trump, the West’s war machine once again desperately needs a makeover. A strong dose of identity politics – with a woman or black man heading the Pentagon – may prove just the solution

I Am Greta isn’t about climate change. It’s about the elusiveness of sanity in an insane world

As long as we can medicalise Greta Thunberg as someone suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, we do not need to think about whether we are really the insane ones.

Biden will fail to bring back ‘normal’ politics. What’s needed now is a populism of the left

Joe Biden is the last burp thrown up by a neoliberal system on its death bed. Growth is at an end and the technocrat’s toolbox is bare. The battle-lines are drawn: between a populism of small-minded nationalists and a populism of solidarity

The EHRC’s report into Labour antisemitism is the real ‘political interference’

The EHRC antisemitism report showed that everyone from the Board of Deputies to Jonathan Freedland had not only maligned Labour but had irresponsibly inflamed the concerns of Britain’s wider Jewish community.

The task before ‘Sleepy Joe’ is to put liberal America right back to sleep

Liberals were enraged by the symptom of their corrupt political system – Donald Trump – rather than by the corrupt system itself

Capitalism is double-billing us: we pay from our wallets only for our future to be stolen from us

Here is a word that risks deterring you from reading on much further, even though it may hold the key to understanding why we are in such a terrible political, economic and social mess. That word is “externalities”. It sounds like a piece of economic jargon. It is a piece of economic jargon. But it [...]

‘The Guardian’s silence has let the UK trample on Assange’s rights in effective darkness’

WISE Up, a solidarity group for Julian Assange and whistleblower Chelsea Manning, is due to stage a demonstration outside the Guardian offices on October 22 to protest the paper’s failure to support Assange as the US seeks his extradition in an unprecedented assault on press freedom. The date chosen for the protest marks the tenth anniversary of the [...]

Criticising Monbiot isn’t ‘demonisation’. It’s a first step on the path to reclaiming our minds

The other day I wrote a piece criticising Guardian columnist George Monbiot for his failure to speak out loudly in support of Julian Assange during last month’s hearings in which the United States has been seeking to extradite the Wikileaks founder so that he can be locked away for the rest of his life on [...]

George Monbiot’s excuses for not speaking out loudly in defence of Assange simply won’t wash

Faced with a barrage of criticism from some of his followers, George Monbiot, the Guardian’s supposedly fearless, leftwing columnist, offered up two extraordinarily feeble excuses this week for failing to provide more than cursory support for Julian Assange over the past month, as the Wikileaks founder has endured extradition hearings in a London courtroom. The [...]

Doubt is a treacherous path. We must avoid being diverted towards terminal cynicism

What I think of as the cynical left are once again berating the progressive critical left, myself included, for failing to write what they want written about Covid-19. I take this as a kind of unintended compliment: that they think we can write about their concerns better than they can themselves. But even if [...]

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