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I once admired George Monbiot. But his grim trajectory shows us where politics is heading

In an age of distortion, major columnists have powerful tools and a responsibility. His latest column on Russell Brand is an object lesson in how that can go wrong.

Why the western media is afraid of Julian Assange

By colluding in Assange’s vilification, journalists can avoid thinking about the difference between what Wikileaks does and what they do.

Avatar makes us long to be Na’vi, while dooming us to remain murderous humans

Had we looked inwards rather than so aggressively outwards, we might live in a Pandora, not the last stages of the Anthropocene.

Baddiel’s hollow racism apology to Jason Lee

Asked who his allies against racism are, the Jewish comedian was flummoxed. That’s because he’s thrown his lot in with the racists.

How the left became cheerleaders for US imperialism

Figureheads like the Guardian’s George Monbiot have wrecked the left’s ability to think critically, encouraging an analysis of power politics more suited to the playground

Whenever it truly matters, from Assange to Corbyn, George Monbiot cripples the left

Monbiot’s position on every major issue, aside from his genuine passion for the environment, chimes precisely with that of his employer, the Guardian. He is not his own man. He’s owned.

Can Europe afford to turn a blind eye to evidence of a US role in pipeline blasts?

If Washington was involved in the sabotage of the Nord Steam pipelines, it would mark a dangerous new stage not only in the Ukraine war but in Europe’s acceptance of vassal status.

Truss’ mauling is a sharp reminder that the City can bend any politician to its will

The same ‘market discipline’ currently giving Britain’s PM a bloody nose would have crushed a Corbyn programme if he’d won power.

How Britain’s Labour party became a criminal conspiracy against its members

New Al Jazeera documentary reveals a covert alliance between the Labour right and hardline pro-Israel activists to purge the left as antisemites.

The Queen and her legacy: 21st century Britain has never looked so medieval

Black suits, hushed tones, an air of reverence conceal the panic of an establishment that has just lost the main vehicle for justifying its privilege.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘noble lie’ we live in a democratic West

Interviews with Volodymr Zelenskiy, Keir Starmer and Sam Harris strip away the illusion that we control our political system rather than it controls us.

Those angry at Rushdie’s stabbing have been missing in action over a far bigger threat to our freedom

The Satanic Verses novelist is championed by western liberals not because he’s bravely articulated difficult truths but because of who his enemies are.

The Forde report is damning of the Labour right. Which is why it will be quickly buried

Forde has gently lifted the lid on the sordid, past misuse of antisemitism to oust a sitting Labour leader (Corbyn), and its continuing misuse by his successor (Starmer) to purge the party of the Labour left.

How spooks and the establishment media are circling the wagons

The fact that a UK diplomat tried to recruit me – a freelance journalist far from the center of power – as an informant hints at how common it is for mainstream journalists to be approached by the intelligence agencies.

A lemming leading the lemmings: Slavoj Zizek and the collapse of the anti-war left

The left has sunk a long way since the Iraq war. The renowned public intellectual Slavoj Zizek is the latest recruit to the war hawk camp over Ukraine.

British ‘watchdog’ journalists unmasked as lap dogs for the security state

The cases of Paul Mason and Carole Cadwalladr reveal how readily celebrated media figures are recruited to the intelligence services’ covert information war against other journalists.

Forget liberating Ukraine – We first need to liberate our minds

Because we in the West are the strongest tribe on the planet, we are also the most deluded, the most propagandized, and the most dangerous.

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