Jonathan Cook: the View from Nazareth -

The day the West defined ‘success’ as a massacre of 270 Palestinians

Israelis dance in the streets, the White House hails a ‘daring’ operation, Rishi Sunak expresses relief. How carnage in Gaza has become the new normal.

To continue the Gaza genocide, Israel and the US must destroy the laws of war

The world’s two highest courts have made an implacable enemy of Israel in trying to uphold international law and end Israeli atrocities.

The message of Israel’s torture chambers is directed at us all, not just Palestinians

‘Black sites’ are about reminding those who have been colonised and enslaved of a simple lesson: resistance is futile.

Biden’s war on Gaza is now a war on truth and the right to protest

The media’s role is to draw attention away from what the students are protesting – complicity in genocide – and engineer a moral panic to leave the genocide undisturbed.

How an ‘antisemitism hoax’ drowned out the discovery of mass graves in Gaza

In confecting a media row about the policing of London marches against genocide, the Israel lobby knew it would score a victory, whatever happened.

The West now wants ‘restraint’- after months of fuelling a genocide in Gaza

The Middle East is on the brink of war precisely because western politicians indulged for decades every military excess by Israel.

Israel’s killing of aid workers is no accident. It’s part of the plan to destroy Gaza

The isolation of Gaza is almost complete. The laws of war have been torn up and the enclave is now completely at Israel’s mercy.

We were lied into the Gaza genocide. Al Jazeera has shown us how

Myth-busting documentary finally breaks the stranglehold of Israel and its western media acolytes over the story of what happened on 7 October.

How they get away with it in Gaza…

Declassified talks to Jonathan Cook about the western media’s Israel bias.

How the Western media helped build the case for genocide in Gaza

From obscuring the West’s role in starving Gaza to sensationalised accounts of mass rape by Hamas, journalists are playing the role of propagandists, not reporters.

Torture, executions, babies left to die, sexual abuse… These are Israel’s crimes

Why is the same western media obsessively reheating five-month-old allegations against Hamas so reluctant to focus on Israel’s current, horrifying atrocities?

How the ‘fight against antisemitism’ became a shield for Israel’s genocide

Western capitals no longer treat Israel like a state, a political actor capable of slaughtering children, but rather as a sacred cause. So any opposition has to be a blasphemy.

First it was Corbyn. Now the whole British public is being smeared over Gaza

Under cover of fear for MPs’ safety, Labour leader Keir Starmer has helped the ruling Tories paint as villains anyone opposed to Israel’s slaughter of children.

The fates of Gaza and Julian Assange are sealed together

Were they being properly reported, two critically important court hearings this week, in London and The Hague, would expose the US ‘rules-based order’ as a hollow sham.

CNN’s Israel bias has been laid bare. But CNN is the norm, not the exception

Western media can never truly report the extent of Israel’s criminality because to do so would be to expose their long-running complicity in those crimes.

Starmer rewards Israel’s genocide with a veto on Palestinian statehood

The Labour leader’s U-turn is returning UK politics to an era of make-believe peacemaking – a stalling tactic as Palestinians are starved and slaughtered.

Western racism laid the foundations for Israel’s genocide in Gaza

South Africa and Israel bear the trauma of Europe’s long history of racial supremacism, but each has drawn precisely opposite lessons.

The West will stand in the dock alongside Israel at the genocide court

Israel is relying on western capitals to bully the Hague court because they have as much to fear from a genocide verdict as Israel itself. They’ve backed the killing spree in Gaza with arms and diplomatic cover – making them complicit.

‘Are we the baddies?’ Western support for genocide in Gaza means the answer is yes

The desperate smear campaign to defend Israel’s crimes in Gaza highlights the toxic brew of lies that’s been underpinning the liberal democratic order for decades.

Why is the media ignoring evidence of Israel’s own actions on 7 October?

The BBC and other media outlets keep revisiting the crimes Hamas committed on October 7, but have failed to report on growing evidence that Israel killed its own citizens that day, often in grotesque fashion.

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