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Essays of media criticism

Shock and awe in Gaza (2014) by Jonathan CookShock and Awe in Gaza (Aug 2014): In Protective Edge, the Israeli military’s attack on Gaza in summer 2014, the Western media and international human rights watchdogs plumbed new depths of skewed coverage, misinformation and bias.

Publish It Not by Jonathan CookPublish It Not (Mar 2011): The chief target of Israel’s media war is the Western press corps, and especially the US media, which could threaten Israel’s improbable narratives and its power in Washington.

Rules of Production by Jonathan CookRules of Production (Dec 2009): The existence of dissident writers in the liberal media usefully persuades readers that their newspaper of choice is genuinely liberal and tolerant, and that it offers a platform even to those who subscribe to heterodox opinion.

It's All About the Money by Jonathan CookIt’s All About the Money (Nov 2008): When I rang up the news desk in London, the editor would start by asking where else the story had been published. If I said it was an exclusive, his interest would wilt. Even though he knew I had a lot of experience, he did not want to take a chance on a story no one else had reported.

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