Jonathan Cook: the View from Nazareth -

Starmer is selling Labour to big business. In power he will do the same

Labour policy is shifting ever further rightwards. That won’t and can’t change as long as only tainted City money is filling the party’s empty coffers

Nato isn’t defending Ukraine. It’s stabbing it in the back

The US and its allies are sustaining the very war they now cite as grounds for disqualifying Kyiv from Nato membership

Weaponised antisemitism crushed the political left. Now it’s the cultural left’s turn

Having dispatched Corbyn, the smear industry is targeting icons like Ken Loach and Roger Waters over their support for Palestinian rights and opposition to Nato’s war machine.

Daniel Ellsberg is lauded in death by the same media that lets Assange rot in jail

The stark difference in treatment of the two truth-tellers is a measure of how state criminality is now completely unchecked.

Another act of terror. How the media do PR for Biden and Zelensky

Coverage of the destruction of the Kakhovka dam and Nord Stream pipelines shows a western media willing to prioritise anti-Russian propaganda over facts.

The BBC isn’t exposing disinformation. It’s peddling it

The BBC’s new Verify service won’t hold its own journalists to account. It will help the UK government justify greater censorship.

British warmongering is driving Europe towards catastrophe in Ukraine

From lobbying for fighter jets to supplying depleted uranium, the UK is making sure escalation is the only way forward.

Nakba at 75: Israel’s state-building project is unravelling – from within

Israel’s undoing will not be an attack from Arab states or international sanctions. Rather, its leaders have created a monster they can no longer tame.

Starmer’s goal is to be nastier than the Nasty Party

Labour’s ‘attack ads’ focus on law and order because Starmer has no intention of tackling the issues destroying UK society.

Will crisis-plagued Netanyahu start a war to save his skin?

Netanyahu has as much to lose as gain from hostilities. But with religious extremists dictating his agenda, he may find it hard to avoid setting the region ablaze.

How BBC coverage is enabling Israeli state violence at al-Aqsa

Once again, the British state broadcaster is using a bogus ‘neutrality’ to trick its audience into siding with Israeli state oppression.

Israel’s crisis is about who gets to play tyrant: the generals or religious thugs

In pushing through his ‘judicial overhaul’, Netanyahu wasn’t destroying ‘Israeli democracy’. He was richly exploiting the lack of it.

BBC broke the Nakba taboo – but still cheated Palestinians

The Holy Land and Us hides the real villains: Western governments that left Jews with only one credible escape route from European antisemitism, by dispossessing Palestinians.

It’s not just the settlers – or Israel – responsible for the torching of Huwwara

Endless indulgence from Israel’s supporters in the West has cleared a path to a fascist government intent on ‘wiping out’ Palestinian communities.

Starmer is paving the way for the triumph of dark politics

By waging an all-out war not only on his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, but on the left and its ideas, Starmer has strangled hope of change in a time of crisis. In the process, he risks driving voters towards right-wing authoritarians.

How social networks became a ‘subsidiary’ of the FBI and CIA

The Twitter Files have lifted the lid on a secret alliance between Silicon Valley, intelligence agencies and the political establishment.

In Syria, the West’s humanitarian claims crumble to dust

The US said it wanted to free Syrians from a tyrant. Then it was willing to let them die of cold and hunger. The truth: for the West, Syria is simply about power.

With tanks on the way, Nato is inching toward full-scale war with Russia

Increasingly, the Ukraine war looks like a feature – rather than a bug – of Washington’s post-Cold War planning.

Kim Johnson row: Starmer is oiling Israel’s slide into fascism

In slapping down an MP for decrying Israel’s new government, the Labour leader has left supporters of Palestinian rights politically homeless.

Russia-Ukraine war: How the US paved the way to Moscow’s invasion

Nearly a year after Russia’s invasion, the western narrative of an ‘unprovoked’ attack has become impossible to sustain.