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Racism even within the Jewish tribe

Zionism = racism, or so the UN was once brave enough to declare. But the racism inherent in Zionism is not directed solely at Palestinians and non-Jews. Zionism, like other ethnic nationalisms, creates hierarchies within its own favoured group. Some people are simply more Jewish, or purer Jews, than others.

When Israeli officials talk of bringing “strong populations” to Palestinian areas like the Galilee, they are referring not just to any Jews, but to “high-quality” Jews. By this, they mean European, or Ashkenazi, Jews.

Among the lowest-quality Jews, on this thinking, are the Ethiopians. So it’s hardly surprising to discover new reports that Israel has been trying to stop Ethiopian women having babies by making them use Depo Provera, a controversial and potentially dangerous contraceptive, before they migrate to Israel.

In fact, this is not a new story. I wrote about the use of this drug on Ethiopian women inside Israel three years ago.

Unfortunately, it is a sign of the depth of the racism among Israeli officials that such shocking revelations will again probably have no discernible effect on public policy.

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