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Researchers shocked by job discrimination

A comprehensive survey of wages in Israel, conducted among half a million graduates and covering a 13-year period, has found – surprise, surprise – gross racism in Israeli employment practices. So gross, in fact, that it shocked even the researchers.

When starting work in the same kinds of professions, white Israeli Jews start at a rate 41% higher than that given to Israeli-Arabs (Palestinians with Israeli citizenship) and Ethiopians. After 10 years of work, the pay differential had widened to 64%.

According to one of the researchers who led the study, they expected to find a disparity similar to that in western states. “I expected to see a wage differential of 15% or 20%. I didn’t think I would find a gap of 60%. I didn’t imagine that the discrimination would be so huge.”

In addition, the study also confirmed a previous finding that Palestinian citizens were also far less likely to get into high-paying professions than Israeli Jews, whether native-born or immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

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