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No cost to AP in hoax story on Iran bomb

A further update on the AP – aka Israeli propaganda – story, which included a graph supposedly showing that Iran was developing a nuclear bomb. After the outcry from a host of experts, and non-experts like myself, at this obvious hoax, AP has finally been forced to write a very partial retraction.

It admits that the graph, which could be drawn correctly by an undergraduate in nuclear physics, is scientifically flawed, but then proceeds to claim it still “supports suspicions” that Iran is working on a bomb.

If this isn’t proof that our major media are actively conspiring with the agendas of security agencies such as the CIA, MI6 and Mossad, I don’t know what is.

This story should never have got past basic checks that AP, like all media organisations, is supposed to make on all stories it publishes. But on controversial stories like this one, it should make far more rigorous checks. Instead this was simply given a nod from senior editors, which can only be because they knew it came with the Mossad imprimatur.

Also note: If this had been a story cavalierly and falsely discrediting a Western state, George Jahn, its author, would have been out of a job within 24 hours. But he is still firmly in place and being allowed to produce yet more propaganda along the same lines in this supposed “follow-up”.

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