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Israel’s prints on AP Iran bomb story

More Israeli meddling to raise the pressure on the US to attack Iran. According to the AP news service, “officials of a country critical of Iran’s atomic program” – ie Israel – leaked its reporters a diagram purportedly showing that Iran has been running computer simulations of a nuclear warhead capable of producing three times [...]

Nazareth: Apparently it’s a ‘nest of terror’

I’ve just discovered, thanks to the mayor of Upper Nazareth, the Jewish city “Jadiaising” Nazareth’s lands, that I’ve been living in a “nest of terror” – and I hadn’t even noticed. Apparently we in Nazareth are “on the lookout for the right moment to stick a knife in the back of the state” and we [...]

Israel and ideologies of hatred

Lots of interesting things to chew over in this interview with Israeli sociologist Niza Yanay on ideologies of hatred. Excerpts below: The media often describes the suicide attack as a hate crime, but I have never come across a report describing the US drone attacks in Pakistan – that have killed over 3,500 people – [...]

Lawyers who whitewashed the occupation

Someone once told me that Israel has more lawyers per capita than any other country. I don’t know whether it’s true, but it should be. In the West Bank alone, Israel applies Ottoman, British Mandate, Jordanian and Israeli military laws, cherrypicking them to make life as oppressive as possible for Palestinians. A new Israeli movie, [...]

The real pain behind the hasbara image

Here are two contrasting images from the past few days of the Israeli army. The first is being used in a hasbara (propaganda) poster campaign by a new group calling itself Zionists Breaking the Silence, designed to restore the image of the Israeli army as the “most moral in the world”. The slogan says: “This [...]

Early hasbara movie on Upper Nazareth

Here’s one for those with an interest in Nazareth and its history. This short Zionist propaganda video from 1957 shows a group of pioneering Jewish immigrants coming to make the Galilee bloom by founding a Jewish city, Upper Nazareth, next to Arab Nazareth (shown in several scenes) and built on its confiscated lands. For the [...]