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The ‘doves’ who designed the occupation

We seem to be entering a period of acute reflection from Israeli documentary makers, presumably prompted by their belated realisation that no Israeli leader is contemplating a peace agreement with the Palestinians. So now along comes The Gatekeepers, trailing awards and in the running for an Oscar nomination. It interviews six former heads of Israel’s [...]

Will Al-Jazeera hold its nerve in the US?

The cabal that is the mainstream media in the US was exposed a few years back when Al-Jazeera English launched. There are millions of Arab Americans, as well as many other Americans, desperate for a different take on the Middle East than that offered by their current media. And yet AJE could not find a proper [...]

Britain’s very own Thomas Friedman

If the UK press has a Thomas Friedman, it’s Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian. Freedland’s chief role has been to dissipate British readers’ rightful anger about the Israeli occupation, and the UK’s role in sanctioning it, and reinforce the sanctity of the state’s Jewishness. He uses various techniques: he blows up out of all proportion [...]

Israel belatedly takes honour out of killing

For years Palestinian women’s groups have been arguing that so-called honour killings – that is, murder of women by their families – were not, as Israeli Jews liked to believe, proof of “Arab” backwardness but rather largely a consequence of racism in Israeli society that refused to tackle the social causes of these women’s deaths [...]

Israeli army starts doing its own dirty work

I accidentally drove right into the clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinian youths in Jenin this morning on my way from Nazareth into the Jordan Valley. The ambulance that tooted its horn when I parked in front of it was the first warning (unheeded) that all was not normal. Moving a little further up [...]

Worthless passports for Palestinians

Israel is trying to sneak back a policy that had to be dropped a few years ago after the US belatedly opposed it. Israel wants to bar “foreigners” in the West Bank – read: Palestinians with US or other foreign passports, and humanitarian aid workers – from accessing Israel or, more significantly, occupied East Jerusalem. [...]

Israeli racial profiling at an airport near you

Oh the irony! An Israeli Jewish soldier suffers humiliation, some of his property is taken (stolen?), and he is held in isolation by Israeli security staff at a foreign airport, Brussels to be precise, because his name “sounds Arab”. He and his family are outraged, but from the report it appears their anger derives only [...]

‘Jewish gene’ myth finally exploded

Bravo to the Israeli geneticist Eran Elhaik, who has finally exploded the racist consensus created by “Jewish geneticists” (read: hasbara scientists) that there is a unique Jewish gene. He also apparently finds conclusive evidence showing that European / Ashkenazi Jews are not descended from the Middle East, as the “Jewish geneticists” have long claimed. He [...]

Full video of Hebron killing surfaces

The unedited video of an Israeli soldier shooting dead 17-year-old Muhammad Awad Salaymeh at a Hebron checkpoint earlier this month has finally surfaced, thanks to what looks to have been a misjudgment by an Israeli journalist. It shows conclusively, as I and others argued even based on the edited footage, that the soldiers executed the [...]

Kafka at Israeli airports and courts

A wonderful example of the Kafkaesque legal system in Israel. The Nazareth district court (which is actually in the Jewish city of Upper Nazareth, not Nazareth) found against three Palestinian citizens of Israel who brought a class-action suit against the Israeli airport authorities and national airlines for routine discrimination in carrying out invasive and humiliating [...]

UNICEF victory for Palestinian children

A small victory: the campaign we began here to get Judy Shalom Nir-Mozes ousted from her post as UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador in Israel has been effective. She has stepped down, complaining that UNICEF had insisted they be allowed to vet her social media activity – to prevent her spouting more racist utterances against Palestinians, including [...]

Did child deserve to die over lost temper?

I am glad to see Abir Kopty examining the video Israel says is of the shooting of Muhammad Awad Salaymeh, the teenager killed at a Hebron checkpoint when he went to buy cake for his 17th birthday party. What this killing reveals is: a) How little interest the killing of a Palestinian juvenile (let alone [...]

Researchers shocked by job discrimination

A comprehensive survey of wages in Israel, conducted among half a million graduates and covering a 13-year period, has found – surprise, surprise – gross racism in Israeli employment practices. So gross, in fact, that it shocked even the researchers. When starting work in the same kinds of professions, white Israeli Jews start at a [...]

Racism even within the Jewish tribe

Zionism = racism, or so the UN was once brave enough to declare. But the racism inherent in Zionism is not directed solely at Palestinians and non-Jews. Zionism, like other ethnic nationalisms, creates hierarchies within its own favoured group. Some people are simply more Jewish, or purer Jews, than others. When Israeli officials talk of [...]

No cost to AP in hoax story on Iran bomb

A further update on the AP – aka Israeli propaganda – story, which included a graph supposedly showing that Iran was developing a nuclear bomb. After the outcry from a host of experts, and non-experts like myself, at this obvious hoax, AP has finally been forced to write a very partial retraction. It admits that [...]

Why Israel cannot let the PA fail

This is one to put in the chutzpah file. Today the Israeli cabinet approved confiscating more than $100m in tax receipts – mostly customs duties on Palestinian imports – it collected this month for the Palestinians under the Oslo accords and using it to bail out the Israel Electricity Company, which is billions in the [...]

AP story shows how easily media coopted

Since I first questioned the credibility of an Associated Press story of a “leaked” graph supposedly proving that Iran was working on a nuclear bomb, experts galore have been ridiculing it as a patent hoax. It is pretty clear, even from the AP report itself, that the story was planted by Israel. What disturbs me [...]