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Black ops continue against Snowden

The black ops by Washington to keep our minds off the content of Edward Snowden’s revelations – that the US government and its allies are transforming themselves into a global Big Brother – continues apace.

We started with stories about Snowden the “high school dropout”, the guy with a lapdancer girlfriend etc. Then we had a raft of articles about whether he was a traitor. Next we were distracted by the endless reports of Snowden the “fugitive”, fleeing from … what, justice? Then we had articles about the “non-journalist” Glenn Greenwald, and the extent to which he had “aided and abetted” Snowden … in what, a crime? And now we have reports that Julian Assange, that “monster egotist”, is “alienating” some in the Ecuadorean government by trying to help Snowden win asylum there.

These are the issues our governments would prefer we focused on. And yet again, the media is dutifully carrying out its function of trivialising these world-shaking disclosures.

All through this saga, the media have ensured that our eyes have been directed well away from the ball. The issue is not our governments’ or our media’s impressions of the personal quirks of Snowden, Greenwald and Assange – though you’d think it was when consuming the “news”. Even the Guardian, which broke this story through Greenwald, has indulged in creating this smokescreen, as the report below illustrates.

The issue is that the powerful elites – the ones that control our politics, media and security industries – are determined to ensure that they cannot be held to account or stopped as they destroy our futures.

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