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Media conspire in Greenwald smears

One of the notable things about Glenn Greenwald is that, unlike other big-name journalists, he’s not shy about highlighting the moral and professional failings of mainstream journalism.

It was a joy to see him pointing out the other day that Mika Brzezinski was using “White House talking points” during an interview, and telling David Gregory to his face that he had incited against him and serious journalism by echoing White House claims that Greenwald had committed a crime.

By the day it becomes clearer that the Administration has launched a black ops campaign against Glenn Greenwald (and Snowden) – and that the media are likely to be willing co-conspirators.

Two days ago it emerged that Greenwald’s home had been broken into and only his partner’s computer taken.

Today he reveals that the New York Daily News and New York Times have been fed a couple of feeble smears by Obama officials. The papers appear keen to print these stories as part of the growing campaign to discredit Greenwald and distract attention from the revelations he published.

In the 1970s the Washington Post came to Daniel Ellsberg’s rescue and exposed Nixon’s attempts to smear him through the Watergate break-in. This time, it looks more likely the gentlemen and ladies of the press will be holding the torches so the plumbers have their hands free to get on with the burglary.

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