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Forbes stumped why Palestinians depressed

This article is astounding in two ways. First it reveals the shocking fact that 40% of Palestinians (I assume this is a reference to those in the occupied territories) are clinically depressed, a rate unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Forbes: “It’s more than triple that of the U.S., ten times higher than in the U.K., and four to eight times higher than in Scandinavia, where the sun doesn’t shine for a good part of the year.”

The other astounding thing is that the article manages to expend several hundred words on this topic and mention Israel just once, and then only in relation to “tension” between Israel and Palestinians.

This really is a classic example of mendacious journalism at its very worst. Ten times more Palestinians depressed than Britons but it seems no probable cause can be identified by the researcher, Mohammad Herzallah, himself a Palestinian.

Herzallah comes out of this article in a poor light, offering glib neuroscience talk to avoid saying anything of meaning. That may be because the hard-talk bits were edited out by Forbes; or it might be that he doesn’t want to jeopardise funding (who wants to release Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz from his lair!).

Either way, it tells us something pretty clear about where power is located in our societies.

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