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Jewish group tries to sink Palestinian kitchen

The Conflict Kitchen is a great idea from a group in Pittsburgh that reinvents their restaurant every few months, offering food from a country in conflict with the US. Recently the staff launched the Palestinian conflict kitchen, after travelling around Palestinian areas earlier this year (including Nazareth) to get recipes and learn more about what is happening on the ground.

So what complete arrogance for Jewish leaders in Pittsburgh to speak for Palestinians in attacking the restaurant on the grounds, they argue, that the Palestinians are not in conflict with the US.

Gregg Roman, one of the leaders of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, told the local media: “Palestine is not in conflict with the US. The restaurant is stirring up conflict for the sake of trying to be relevant.”

Do these Jewish leaders not realise that the US has blocked Palestinian resolutions at the UN to condemn the settlements eating up Palestinian territory, and that the US has stood almost alone in the way of recognising Palestinian statehood? What more would the US need to do (though it’s certainly doing more) to be in conflict with the Palestinian people?

In fact, these “Jewish leaders” are only too happy that the US is in permanent conflict with the Palestinians and their rights – it’s all the better for the right wing in Israel. They would just prefer that not even the tiniest bit of attention was drawn to the matter by groups like the Conflict Kitchen.

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