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Media follow Israeli line on captured soldier

The Israeli media have finally been allowed to partially confirm Hamas’ claim from Sunday that it has captured an Israeli soldier. They are reporting he is missing, presumed dead.

Here are three comments on the coverage.

First, Oron Shaul’s capture was treated as a non-story by the western media as long as it was only Hamas saying it. Now Israel agrees he is missing, his disappearance will be much commented on. When will we see our media treating Hamas claims with the same seriousness – let alone, credulousness – we do Israeli claims?

Second, the western media are echoing the Israeli media line – meaning the Israeli government line – that Shaul is “missing”. What can that possibly mean in Gaza at the moment apart from that he or his body is in Hamas’ possession? Given that Hamas had already both announced his capture and named him, the western media ought to stop slavishly following Israeli propaganda.

Third, if it becomes clear Shaul is alive, see how many western media outlets refuse to adopt Israel’s view that he has been “kidnapped”.

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