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Do smartwatches spell the end?

This article on business efforts to create a craze for smartwatches profoundly depressed me. We are burning up the planet to feed our incessant craving for new gadgets. And now a bunch of corporations – worried that almost all of us have a smartphone and that the market is stagnating – is trying to encourage us to play Flappy Bird on our wrists!

Are we as a species now so incapable of spending time alone, with ourselves in reflection of any kind, that we need to have – literally to hand! – at any free moment a game in which to immerse ourselves?

And do the corporations not have a vested interest in making us dependent on these distractions, profoundly estranged from ourselves, so that they can sell us more such fripperies masquerading as technology?

And how do we stop this self-destructive cycle in which we appear to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome – identifying and bonding with the corporations that have captured us and are destroying our future?

Answers to any of the above questions very welcome.


Insightful article by George Monbiot, answering these questions but offering no reassurance.

Also on the same theme is the film Collapse, a fascinating and wide-ranging interview with the late Michael Ruppert.

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