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The conspiracy against conspiracy theories

Yet another silly article by Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian’s star columnist. He’s taken a break from turning over every stone in his search for anti-Semitism to do a spot of policing Britain’s political discourse.

According to Freedland, if you have doubts about an official and convenient story provided by government to explain away an embarrassing political event – be it David Kelly’s death, JFK’s assassination or maybe 9/11 – then you should be dismissed out of hand as a conspiracy nut. No possibility is conceded that the label “conspiracy theory” may be a very useful way for our political elites to shut down unwelcome scrutiny.

Good to see Freedland confirming his status as the consummate mainstream journalist, allergic to questioning or challenging orthodoxy. There’s no conspiracy required to explain Freedland’s success or his professional timidity; it simply took years of private schools, Oxbridge and a desperate need for peer respect to get him to his esteemed position in the media firmament.

The best comment under his article is this one:

I know this bloke right, in the pub, who won’t use the internet because he swears the governments have these massive data centres where they store the internet’s communication data, analyse it with [a] machine and if necessary by human! Reckons they must have 10s of 1000s of people working on it! The nutter. Reckons the same people operating blacklists against leftwingers in the 70s still are, only now they have hugely sophisticated international databases in a corporate/state collaboration. Nutter! He doesn’t trust his laptop camera not to be hijacked, doesn’t carry a phone so as not to leave tracking data, thinks Google etc all co-operate and even thinks the American government can stealthily remotely access any Windows/Mac OS machine that’s online! Good there are people like Johno [Freedland] here that see the evidence for what it is.

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