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Fear is the panacea for US security state

This out-Bushes the Bush Administration. The White House is warning all Americans that al-Qaeda is planning a major unspecified terror operation in some unknown place in the world at some unknown time in August.

Well, we can say with certainty that no American on the planet is going to be helped by that kind of advice. But we can also say with a high degree of certainty that a lot of Americans are going to be very frightened as they sit around the pool, fly on a plane, enjoy a bbq – ie just when they have the maximum amount of leisure time to ponder the fact that death might be imminent without the good ol’ boys of national security working overtime to save their asses.

One can just imagine the pitch as staffers sold this one to Obama. A lot of frightened Americans equals more support for surveillance and the security state, and more support for locking up “traitors” like Edward Snowden. Simples!

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