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Prism: We, the people, are the enemy

Kudos to Glen Greenwald, who has found the proof that the US security services have direct access to the servers of all the main internet brands we use: Google, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, Youtube, Microsoft, Skype, etc. The programme, called Prism and run by the National Security Agency, began way back in 2007, under Bush, and has carried on uninterrupted under Obama.

Yesterday, Greenwald dug up documents to show that Verizon provides all its phone records to the US government too. For sure, that means all the other phone providers are doing the same.

In other words, all the communications we make, whether by phone or internet, are being monitored by the US government – and doubtless all the other “democracies” are doing the same.

When do we get to the point where our politicians and media stop pretending this is about security and terrorism. This is about building the infrastructure for our complete control, creating the conditions where organised political dissent and resistance become impossible. We, the people, are the enemy.

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