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Israel lobby’s mischief over David Ward

I’ve been following the case of David Ward, the British MP accused of anti-semitism, with some interest. As in most of these cases, it’s clear he is not actually anti-semitic (or more importantly, racist) but, of course, that’s not the purpose of the “controversy” the UK Zionist lobbies have generated in the media. As we know, it’s all about silencing criticism of Israel.

Here’s the problem quote:

Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.

It’s good to see Larry Derfner, a Zionist Israeli, come to Ward’s defence, calling out his political hounding for what it is. The statement that got Ward into trouble is certainly clumsy: he tried to elide two ideas – that Jews were the victims of persecution, and now Israelis are the perpetrators of persecution – and in doing so hecan be interpreted as conflating Jews and Israelis.

Outside the hardcore Israel lobby and our craven media, that should be fairly minor matter, needing only clarification, which he has since provided. Instead, both the lobby and the media are making hay in wilfully misinterpreting his words and fuelling the illusion that anti-semitism is the potent force among the political class it was a few generations ago.

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