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BBC: It ain’t half racist, mum

The BBC’s latest idea for a daring comedy drama, featuring “bad language, sexual innuendo, sexism and childish banter” among a squad of British bomb disposal experts operating in … Afghanistan!

Who needs Hollywood to launder one’s war crimes, when we have the dear old BBC. Here are some of the comedy gold moments we can look forward to:

“One scene shows the group destroying a house containing an insurgent sniper and, in another, one of the unit … impresses his colleagues by shooting and killing an enemy combatant who is then seen falling off a nearby roof.”

Yes, there have been complaints of bad taste – from some family members of British servicemen who were killed in Afghanistan.

But the show’s executive producer, Stephen McCrum, has been able to reassure them: “When we explained that we wanted to show the human dimension behind the job, the complaints disappeared. We set out to treat this difficult subject with respect.”

And what about respect for all those Afghan children and wedding parties incinerated by British and US drones? But then again, I suppose they are not included in the BBC’s demographic.

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