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The fascist enforcers of Zionism

There’s something deeply creepy about Ronen Shoval of Im Tirtzu proudly declaring in court that he paid private investigators to break into the offices of human rights groups to spy on them – but that he’s not the one in the dock, he’s the one bringing the court action.

Shoval is suing a Facebook group for calling him and his organisation fascists. He made the admission about his illegal activities under cross-examination from Michael Sfard, a lawyer who was also one of the human rights activists Shoval targeted. Shoval told Sfard: “We see you as someone who is consistently involved in harming the State of Israel” and “I regret that until the court determines you are a traitor, then you are not one” (ie it’s only a matter of time, Michael, before we have you strung up).

The irony in all this is that Im Tirtzu definitely is a fascist organisation – and furthermore, it is a fascist enforcer of official policy working on behalf of the Israeli government, particularly in relation to education and higher education, as I recently documented:

Israel has a long history of contracting out racist policies, as a way to distance itself from criticism. That, after all, is one of the key functions of the international Zionist organisations that still hold so much sway in Israel and the occupied territories, including the Jewish National Fund and the World Zionist Organisation.

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