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Israeli racial profiling at an airport near you

Oh the irony! An Israeli Jewish soldier suffers humiliation, some of his property is taken (stolen?), and he is held in isolation by Israeli security staff at a foreign airport, Brussels to be precise, because his name “sounds Arab”. He and his family are outraged, but from the report it appears their anger derives only from his being mistaken for an Arab rather than the racist policy itself.

According to Haaretz, his lawyer’s letter to El Al states:

‘during the entire time he was held in the isolated area he was prevented from using the restroom, as if he was a dangerous detainee or someone accused of a serious crime.’ The soldier said he was held in an area with two other passengers who were speaking Arabic, and that he was later led onto the plane by security personnel shortly before takeoff.

His experiences mirror my own on many occasions – not only at Israel’s airport but also at foreign airports. It is almost more outrageous than Israel’s racial-profiling that foreign governments allow this to take place on their own sovereign soil.

For more on Israel’s abuse of Palestinian passengers at foreign airports, read my reports here and here.

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