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AP story shows how easily media coopted

Since I first questioned the credibility of an Associated Press story of a “leaked” graph supposedly proving that Iran was working on a nuclear bomb, experts galore have been ridiculing it as a patent hoax.

It is pretty clear, even from the AP report itself, that the story was planted by Israel. What disturbs me most about this article, which was so obviously dubious that even a non-expert like myself could sense it on a first read, was how it ever got past the basic checks big media organisations like AP are supposed to make.

What this indicates (again) is that the corporate media really are just conduits through which our governments are able to shovel whatever disinformation they choose down our throats. That’s what happened over Iraq and it’s going on now with Iran.

This chimes with an observation my colleagues at Media Lens have made that the corporate media are not just subordinate to powerful elites, they are the powerful elites.

Nick Davies illustrates this point in his book Flat Earth News, in a chapter that shows how frequently and easily western security agencies such as the CIA and MI6 are able to plant their own people into their local media organisations.

We are being fed lies, and the perpetrators are so confident that they will get those lies into our media that they barely bother to make their hoaxes plausible. The media, meanwhile, either don’t care or are willing participants in the fraud.

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