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Nazareth: Apparently it’s a ‘nest of terror’

I’ve just discovered, thanks to the mayor of Upper Nazareth, the Jewish city “Jadiaising” Nazareth’s lands, that I’ve been living in a “nest of terror” – and I hadn’t even noticed. Apparently we in Nazareth are “on the lookout for the right moment to stick a knife in the back of the state” and we should be expelled to Gaza as a pre-emptive move.

What did my fellow Nazarenes do to justify such fear and outrage from the mayor, Shimon Gapso?

They staged a demonstration in the city protesting Israel’s attack on Gaza.

Gapso: “The rally clearly made it manifest that the regime in the city today is tantamount to a ‘fifth column’ constituting a danger in times of peace and a real threat in times of war.”

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