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Set up a monthly direct debit with GoCardless

Below are a set of links to direct debit plans that allow you to approve a monthly donation to Jonathan from your bank. A plan can be authorised online securely and easily via GoCardless.

Click a link that offers your preferred monthly sum and currency. You will be taken to a form on the GoCardless website where you can authorise your chosen direct debit mandate.

Should you wish to cancel at any point, that can be done in one of two ways:

  • By contacting your bank.
  • By making a cancellation request to GoCardless using this page.

You can also email Jonathan via the Contact page requesting the direct debit be cancelled, if there is a problem.

Information about the GoCardless direct debit system is available here.

If your preferred monthly plan is not shown below, please email Jonathan via the Contact page, specifying the sum and currency. We will then create that plan and email you a link.


£5 Plan:

£10 Plan:

£15 Plan:

£20 Plan:


$5 Plan:

$10 Plan:

$15 Plan:

$20 Plan:

$25 Plan:


€5 Plan:

€10 Plan:

€15 Plan:

€20 Plan:


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