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Cop27: The dirty secret Europe is hiding at the climate summit

Hidden by the grand declarations at Cop27 this week is the fact that Europe has made itself a hostage of transnational energy corporations – and will have to pay out astronomical damages to tackle the climate emergency

Blocking roads isn’t crazy – It’s our last hope that sanity will prevail

In a world of self-inflicted collapse, Vladimir Putin is no more insane than his western counterparts. The only sane people are those trying to wake up everyone else, whether by glueing their hands to the road, climbing bridges or hurling soup at paintings.

Fascists in government won’t dent Western support for Israel

Itamar Ben Gvir is no aberration. He is just the latest, ugliest incarnation of a Jewish supremacism that has long dominated Israeli politics.

Westerners live in denial, convinced they’re the good guys

Stark contradictions in West’s treatment of the Ukraine war and the occupation and siege of Palestine should serve as a wake-up call.

Starmer isn’t cowed by voters. He’s afraid of the establishment

Starmer has been tamed like a circus lion, whipped into line by the establishment. Those pressures won’t lift once he is in government. They will intensify.

Keir Starmer is finally ahead in the polls – but at what cost?

The Labour leader has made a dirty word of socialism and shown that his own word counts for nothing. A backlash is coming.

Europe, more than Putin, must shoulder the blame for the energy crisis

The same arrogant, self-righteous posturing from the West that fuelled the Ukraine war is now plunging Europe into recession.

The Queen and her legacy: 21st century Britain has never looked so medieval

Black suits, hushed tones, an air of reverence conceal the panic of an establishment that has just lost the main vehicle for justifying its privilege.

Emily Maitlis is right about BBC bias – but for the wrong reasons

Journalists aren’t too deferential and timid, as former Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis claims. They are only too ready to bare their teeth when it serves establishment interests.

Why is Amnesty apologising for telling the truth about Ukrainian war crimes?

Allowing only one side to be criticised for its crimes – reinforcing the loaded western political narrative of good guys versus bad guys – is likely to fuel war rather than resolve it.

Contenders for Boris Johnson’s crown stress fealty to Israel

The contenders for Boris Johnson’s crown swore fealty to Israel just as it unleashed a savage attack on Gaza. It was further proof that politicians in the UK, like those in the US, see Israel as a defining issue in their fight for highest office.

How the Pentagon dictates Hollywood storylines

New documentary discloses the ways western publics are softened up for aggressive, global US militarism through the Pentagon’s influence over thousands of films and TV shows.

Forde Inquiry exposes Labour’s biggest problem: Keir Starmer

‘Factionalism’ is identified as an electoral liability by Labour’s new report. But it has only intensified since Jeremy Corbyn’s exit.

By making China the enemy, Nato is threatening world peace

Nato’s new posture towards China throws into doubt its whole claim to be a ‘defensive’ alliance.

If the media can probe Shireen Abu Akleh’s death, why not the murder of other Palestinians?

Four US news organisations have concluded that an Israeli sniper shot Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. But where are the western media when it comes to investigating Israel’s countless other crimes?

Israel calls the Nakba a lie. So why do its leaders threaten a second one?

While Israel denounces Palestinians and their supporters as liars for speaking of the Nakba, its own officials publicly cite the Nakba as a real event that can be repeated if Palestinians do not submit completely.

Russia-Ukraine war: George Bush’s admission of his crimes in Iraq was no ‘gaffe’

Bush’s confusion between his invasion of Iraq and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine wasn’t a ‘gaffe’ – but by treating it that way, the media continues to deflect us from a true understanding of both events.

Keir Starmer has returned western imperialism to the core of Labour policy

Two years in, the Labour leader’s war on the left has shifted to ideological tests that even Pope Francis and Amnesty International would fail.

Shireen Abu Akleh was executed to send a message to Palestinians

During 20 years of reporting on the conflict, I learned first-hand that Israel’s version of events around the deaths of Palestinians or foreigners can never be trusted.

The persecution of Julian Assange

A new book exposes the mechanics of a 12-year legal charade by Sweden, the UK and US to obscure the political nature of Julian Assange’s incarceration. All three have ridden roughshod over the rule of law, argues UN torture expert Nils Melzer