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From Marc Lamont Hill to the Quakers, no criticism of Israel is allowed

The reactions to Marc Lamont Hill, the Quakers and Airbnb reveal that in practice there is no criticism of Israel that will be treated as legitimate – and that when it comes to the suffering of Palestinians, the only acceptable stance is silence.

Israel wages a new war of attrition in Jerusalem

Israel is waging a quiet campaign of attrition designed to wear down Jerusalem’s Palestinian residents. The hope is that they will eventually despair and relocate to the city’s distant suburbs outside the wall or into the West Bank.

Make no mistake, Netanyahu is not a man of peace

What distinguishes Netanyahu from his cabinet is not his moderation, but that he has a cooler head than his far-right rivals. He believes there are better ways than lashing out at Gaza to achieve his core political aim: the undermining of the Palestinian national project.

Netanuyahu’s courting of Bolsonaro is the latest of Israel’s alliances with far-right figures

In cosying up to Brazilian president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not simply placating the latest in a new wave of white-nationalist and neo-fascist leaders. He is demonstrating Israel’s deep-rooted ideological sympathy with them.

Why liberal Jews in Israel and the US have made Lara Alqasem a cause celebre

An American student of Palestinian descent detained in Israel’s airport for nearly a fortnight has become an unexpected cause celebre. Usually those held at the border are swiftly deported, but Lara Alqasem appealed against the decision, becoming in the process an improbable “prisoner of conscience” for the boycott cause.

Breaking the Silence about Israel’s occupation of Hebron

Ido Even-Paz switched on his body camera as his tour group decamped from the bus in Hebron. The former Israeli soldier wanted to document any trouble we might encounter in this, the largest Palestinian city in the occupied West Bank, but it was not Hebron’s Palestinian residents who concerned him.

As Gaza’s economy collapses, so does any hope of peace

Mass protests along Gaza’s perimeter fence have been revived and expanded after a summer lull. On Friday, seven Palestinian demonstrators, including two children, were killed by Israeli sniper fire. Nonetheless, the political will to remedy the situation looks as atrophied as ever. No one is prepared to take meaningful responsibility for the time-bomb that is Gaza.

Palestinians suffer as Trump tears up rules-based order

The Palestinians are the most troublesome legacy of a post-war, rules-based international order the US is now committed to sweeping away. Amputate the Palestinian cause, an injustice festering for more than seven decades, and America’s hand will be freer elsewhere. Might will again be right.

A ‘gentleman’s agreement’: How Oslo worked out as planned for Israel

‘The Palestinians became a charity case, seeking handouts from the Arab world so that the PA could help maintain the occupation rather than lead the resistance. Thanks to Oslo, Israel became normalised in the region, while paradoxically the Palestinians found themselves transformed into the foreign object.’

A new capital? Palestinians say Abu Dis is no substitute for East Jerusalem

The entrance to Abu Dis could not be more disconcerting, given reports that the Trump administration intends it to be the capital of a future Palestinian state, in place of Jerusalem. The eight metre-high grey slabs of Israel’s separation wall silently attest to a divided land and a quarter-century of a failed Middle East peace process.

The Israel lobby’s non-stop attacks on Corbyn will backfire

In their relentless attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, the Israel lobby are being required for the first time to air the racist premises that always underpinned their arguments. That exposure is going to harm, not benefit, Britain’s apologists for Israel.

There is a deeper, darker agenda afoot as the US cuts UNRWA funding

The Trump administration’s decision to scrap all future aid payments to UNRWA, the main agency helping Palestinian refugees, marks a new – and most likely disastrous – chapter in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Is Israel’s hand behind the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn?

Has Israel been covertly fuelling claims of an “anti-Semitism crisis” purportedly plaguing Britain’s Labour Party since it elected a new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, three years ago? That question is raised by a new freedom of information request submitted this week by a group of Israeli lawyers, academics and human rights activists.

The Druze have to face that in Israel, some are far more equal than others

Israeli citizens are not supposed to be loyal to a democratic principle, or universal human rights, or even the welfare of their compatriots. In Israel, “loyal” citizens are required to bow down before the Jewishness of the state and uphold the values of Jewish supremacism, even if it means their own permanent abasement.

Uri Avnery, Israeli activist for a Palestinian state, dead at 94

Uri Avnery, a self-confessed former “Jewish terrorist” who went on to become Israel’s best-known peace activist, died in Tel Aviv on Monday, following a stroke. He was 94. As one of Israel’s founding generation, Avnery was able to gain the ear of prime ministers, even while he spent decades editing an anti-establishment magazine that was a thorn in their side.

In detaining Peter Beinart, Israel has declared it no longer represents millions of Jews overseas

Beinart’s views echo those of many liberal American Jews no longer willing to turn a blind eye to Israel’s sytematic abuses of Palestinians. In detaining him at the airport, Israel effectively declared that it no longer represents millions of Jews overseas.

Israel’s ‘loyal’ Druze move into open revolt

Druze army general leads protests to overturn nation-state law that makes explicit the privileged status of Jewish majority Middle East Eye – 15 August 2018 Israel’s small Druze community, long seen as “loyal” to the state, is on a collision course with the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu over a new law guaranteeing superior citizenship Read more

How Israel helped to revive Europe’s ugly ethnic nationalisms

For leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orban, Israel has led the way. It has shown that ethnic politics is not discredited after all, that it can work. For Europe and America’s new ethnic nationalists, Israel has proven that some peoples are destined for greatness, if they are allowed to triumph over those who stand in their way.

Israel is bulldozing Khan Al Ahmar – and with it the two-state solution

Israel is hurrying though the destruction of the Palestinian village of Khan Al Ahmar because it would clear the path to building a substantial bloc of new settler homes to sever the West Bank in two. Those same settlements would also seal off West Bank Palestinians from East Jerusalem, making a mockery of any peace agreement.

Sisi holds key to Trump’s Sinai plan for Palestinians

Reports have been rife in the Israeli and Arab media of moves to pressure Egypt into turning over a swath of territory in northern Sinai, next to Gaza, for infrastructure projects designed to alleviate the enclave’s “humanitarian crisis”. Under cover of Trump’s peace plan, Israel stands on the brink of achieving its ambition of destroying any hope of a Palestinian state.