Jonathan Cook: the View from Nazareth -

Israel and its allies are repurposing the goals and lies of 1948 – in Gaza in 2023

Israel is openly carrying out ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Yet, just as happened with the first Nakba in 1948, Israel’s lies and deceptions dominate the West’s media and political narrative.

Don’t be fooled. Biden is fully signed up to genocide in Gaza

The White House needs a cover story to obscure its complicity. In desperation, it is once again resurrecting the long-dead two-state solution.

Starmer’s Gaza stance has unmasked British democracy as a sham

The Labour leader’s refusal to back a ceasefire shows that moral and legal principles have taken a back seat to the political need to keep Washington happy.

Mounting evidence suggests Israel may be ready to ‘cleanse’ Gaza

All the signs are in place that Israel is once again seriously considering a massive ethnic cleansing operation, conducted at lightning speed and with US assistance.

Israel’s long-held plan to drive Gaza’s people into Sinai is now within reach

As the UK and US back the carnage in Gaza, including an imminent ground invasion, are they also about to assist Israel’s ethnic cleansing plan for a “Greater Gaza” – in Egypt?

Israel is caught lying time and again. And yet we never learn

Disinformation over the blast at Gaza’s al-Ahli hospital worked as planned, taking the focus off the victims and lifting pressure on Israel to stop its rampage.

Western media’s parroting of official lies is paving way to genocide in Gaza

Catastrophe looms because journalists have failed to hold both Israel and their own governments to account.

Lawless in Gaza: Why Britain and the West back Israel’s crimes

As the West cheers on Israel’s starving of Gaza’s civilians to soften them up before a ground invasion, it is important to understand how we reached this point – and what it portends for the future.

The blood of Gaza is on the West’s hands as much as Israel’s

Israel is on the rampage again and Gaza’s population is facing a quiet, slow path to erasure. The ones funding it and enabling it are the US and its European allies.

The West’s hypocrisy towards Gaza’s breakout is stomach-turning

There will be little sympathy in the West as, yet again, besieged Palestinians are bombed by Israel, their immense suffering justified by the term ‘Israeli retaliation’.

UK and Israel: Has the fightback against weaponised antisemitism begun?

Jews in the Labour party and academics are finally exposing the UK establishment’s smear campaign to silence criticism of Israel and destroy the left.

Why the media aren’t telling the whole story of Libya’s floods

There are reasons for Libya’s ‘chaotic’, ‘dysfunctional’ response to the disaster. And to identify them, we need to look closer to home

The West’s blueprint for goading China was laid out in Ukraine

Europe fears losing access to Chinese markets, plunging it deeper into a cost-of-living crisis. But it fears Washington’s wrath more.

Why action on the climate crisis is all hot air

Capitalism’s endless growth paradigm can’t be squared with sustainability. But no one – from politicians to the protest movement – is willing to admit the truth.

Starmer is selling Labour to big business. In power he will do the same

Labour policy is shifting ever further rightwards. That won’t and can’t change as long as only tainted City money is filling the party’s empty coffers

Nato isn’t defending Ukraine. It’s stabbing it in the back

The US and its allies are sustaining the very war they now cite as grounds for disqualifying Kyiv from Nato membership

Weaponised antisemitism crushed the political left. Now it’s the cultural left’s turn

Having dispatched Corbyn, the smear industry is targeting icons like Ken Loach and Roger Waters over their support for Palestinian rights and opposition to Nato’s war machine.

Daniel Ellsberg is lauded in death by the same media that lets Assange rot in jail

The stark difference in treatment of the two truth-tellers is a measure of how state criminality is now completely unchecked.

Another act of terror. How the media do PR for Biden and Zelensky

Coverage of the destruction of the Kakhovka dam and Nord Stream pipelines shows a western media willing to prioritise anti-Russian propaganda over facts.

The BBC isn’t exposing disinformation. It’s peddling it

The BBC’s new Verify service won’t hold its own journalists to account. It will help the UK government justify greater censorship.

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